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Rodent Control Service in Australia

Being experienced and utilizing state-of-the-art approaches we deliver full scale rodent control packages that are designed to meet your particular requirements.

Our professional rodent control crew will quickly get rid of any rat colony that is in your house or an office. We stand out because of our eco-friendly practices that make your family safe and yet deliver excellent results towards control of rats.

Signs that rodent might be around:
  • Rodent droppings that are small and pellet-like in areas where rodents frequently call for immediate action in controlling rodents.
  • Rodents constantly chew, so check for gnaw marks on furniture, wires or anything else.
  • Sounds of scratching or scurrying on walls, ceilings, or under floors at night can point to the possible existence of rodents in a building’s interiors.
  • Rodents commonly rub greasy smeared along the walls and baseboards during their routine walks.
  • You may notice distinct marks from rodent bites or gnawing on food packaging in your pantry or kitchen.
  • The presence of shredded materials like paper, fabric, or insulation in hidden corners or unused spaces may indicate rodent nesting activity.
  • Unpleasant and lingering odours, particularly in confined spaces, could suggest the presence of rodents, as they may leave behind urine and faecal matter.
  • Rodents tend to follow specific paths or runways along walls or baseboards, leaving behind noticeable marks and trails as they move about.


Why do we need to remove rodents?

Removing rodents is essential for several reasons:

The diseases Hantavirus, Salmonella, and Leptospirosis transmitted by rodents threaten both human and pet populations.

Rodents can chew through structures, wires, and insulation, creating fire dangers and expensive damages.

Rodents reproduce quickly; therefore, a small infestation can easily become more considerable.

These susceptible people may suffer allergies and respiratory problems due to rodent droppings and dander.

Rodent droppings, urine, hairs, etc., contaminate food and surfaces and thus make the environment unhealthy.

Why Choose Us For Rodent Control?

Our team of experts is highly skilled in methods for rodent control. We ensure an elimination process from every angle, guaranteeing a rodent-free environment.

• Our solutions are customized to suit your situation, specifically tailored to address your problem.

Safety is our priority. We employ techniques that are minimally harmful to your loved ones and pets.

• Additionally, we take measures to prevent rat re-infestation by implementing strategies.

• Rest assured, we are entirely. Adhere to industry standards and regulations for pest control services.

Why Choose Us

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    Heath Lucas
    Heath Lucas


    My experience with “PestControlXpert’s” service was excellent. The staff were friendly and helpful, they provide good services after their services my home feels pest free and I feel safe.

      Henry Burns
      Henry Burns


      For this reason, I trust “PestControlXpert” as it consistently provides effective and reliable pest control services. The experienced technicians apply environmentally-friendly products hence they are my number one choice to keep away all pests in my house.

        Julie Wood
        Julie Wood


        Prompt, professional, detailed, quality performance at “Pest control Xpert”. The pest problem was taken care of using their knowledge on the solution used and advised me on prevention measures with quality recommendations.

        Frequently Asked Questions

        Rodents hate the pungent smells of peppermint, cloves, and ammonia. They also run away from ultrasonic noises and some plants, such as mints and marigolds. They can be deterred by keeping a clean environment and sealing entry points.

        To get rid of rodents outside:

        Use sealants to fill up gaps and holes in walls or structures to stop their entry.

        Trim overgrown plants and tree limbs to eliminate hiding areas.

        Place the rodent traps strategically and bait them using substances like peanut butter or seeds.

        Keep a clean and cluttered exterior, avoiding areas rodents love.

        Three aspects of rodent aggression should be considered when dealing with rodent infestations: rodents may become aggressive when threatened in a corner; rodents may behave aggressively even when ill or hurt, indicating the danger associated with the rodent management process.

        →Inspect the roof and locate and close all possible entry points that rodents may use.

        →Deny rodents access to the food supply by sealing all food in sealed containers.

        →Clear any clutter and clean to remove hiding areas and nesting sites.

        →If the situation continues, seek a licensed pest control professional to remove rodents from your house or business premises safely.

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