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Possum Removal Service in Australia

Possum removal refers to the safe and humane movement of possums away from one’s property. This is mainly done to manage nuisance or unwanted possession issues in such areas.

Possums are a protected species in Australia; hence, it is illegal to harm or kill them. Removing possums from an area is no child’s play, and doing it yourself may land you in legal trouble or be injured when possums resist. Luckily, our team has the skills and permits to control safe and legal possums in Australia.

Signs that possums might be around:
  • Look for unexpected grease stains or marks, as these can be left behind by pests as they navigate through your property.
  • Check for any signs of chewed or damaged wiring, as possums, in particular, may gnaw on electrical components.
  • Auditory cues like scurrying or flapping noises within your walls could indicate the presence of pests such as possums.
  • Inspect less-frequented areas, such as attics or crawl spaces, for signs of nests or nesting materials used by possums.
  • Noticeable changes in wallpaper or paint, such as bubbling or peeling, may suggest moisture issues attracted by pests.
  • Check for signs of damage to fabrics or upholstery, which pests may use for nesting or as a food source.
  • Unusual odours concentrated in specific areas could be a sign of hidden pest activity or nesting.
  • Seeing pests actively moving about during daylight hours may indicate a large infestation or a change in their typical behaviour.



Why do we need to remove possums?

They are pests that can be harmful to you and your property. So, It’s essential to remove possums for these reasons:

Possums can damage your house by chewing on wires, tearing insulation, and destroying other structural elements.

Possums can often produce loud and unpleasant noises, especially at night, that might interfere with your peace.

Possum droppings and urine are dangerous for your health and cause filth around your property.

Possums can have unpleasant odours that may permeate your living space and affect how comfortable you and your family feel in your home.

Some areas forbid harming possums; thus, their removal must be done in a cautious and legal manner.

Why Choose Us For Possum Control?

Australia counts on us as one of the most relied upon and respected possum control services. Reasons to select our services include:

We have expertise in possum control as a team.

Given that we are a local service, we know the particular challenges of possums in your area.

We hold all the necessary licenses to enable our possum removal services to conform to legal standards; hence, you are assured of practical and legal possum removal methods.

Safety is the priority of our procedures since we seek to minimize the harm to you, your property, and the possums.

We apply proven approaches in handling possum-related problems fairly and effectively.

We promise to provide you with satisfactory possum control services.

Why Choose Us

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    Heath Lucas


    My experience with “PestControlXpert’s” service was excellent. The staff were friendly and helpful, they provide good services after their services my home feels pest free and I feel safe.

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      Henry Burns


      For this reason, I trust “PestControlXpert” as it consistently provides effective and reliable pest control services. The experienced technicians apply environmentally-friendly products hence they are my number one choice to keep away all pests in my house.

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        Julie Wood


        Prompt, professional, detailed, quality performance at “Pest control Xpert”. The pest problem was taken care of using their knowledge on the solution used and advised me on prevention measures with quality recommendations.

        Frequently Asked Questions

        Possums are generally averse to strong smells, such as those from ammonia, garlic and predator urine. Possums also dislike bright lights and loud noises. Using a combination of these deterrents can help discourage them from an area.

        Possums can become aggressive if they feel threatened or cornered, often as a defensive response to protect themselves.

        How to get rid of possums from the roof?

        Locate and seal any openings that possums use to access your roof.

        Trim tree branches that provide easy access to your roof.

        Employ natural deterrents like lights, motion-activated devices, or strong scents to discourage possums.

        Ensure garbage bins are tightly sealed to limit possum attractants.

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