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Pest Prevention - Tips for 6 Key Areas of Your Home for Spring and Summer

As the temperature rises and the flowers bloom, it is time for garden bugs, pest, to make their way back into our homes. Spring and summer makeup a considerable period of pest activities, so it is crucial to be vigilant in insect deterrence. Whether it is about garden pest prevention, timber pest prevention or ants which made nests in your kitchen, the application of preventive measures can practically and economically save you time, money and frustration. Here are the top six areas of the home that should be kept insect-free during this season. The following list provides suggestions for keeping them free from insects: 

1. Kitchen and Pantry:

The kitchen is a high-risk area where pests like ants, cockroaches, and pantry moths can be found. Do not forget to clean countertops, floors, and food storage areas to be clear from crumbs. The food must be stored in airtight containers to keep out pests. Inspect and clean behind the appliances more often because food and spills can attract insects. If you see the symptoms of your house being eaten up by the ant pest, immediately call an ant exterminator to take care of it.


2. Outdoor Spaces:

Mosquitoes, wasps, rodents and similar types of pests are various of the pests which might pop up your garden with their occupancy. Drain all standing water to discourage mosquitoes from breeding in such areas. Cut the branches of shrubs and bushes that are close to the house root to make them not stay in the home. Keep garbage bins closed tightly and far from the house to discourage them from carting away your waste. Effective wasp control in Melbourne is highly recommended; you can call a professional pest control service if needed. 

3. Bedrooms and Living Areas:

Bed bugs are a nightmare if they take over the bedroom in a few weeks. Examine regularly the whole side of the mattress and the furniture and look for evidence of the bed bugs. Wash blankets frequently in hot water and intensively vacuum mattresses and carpets regularly. Seal off the areas which are present as cracks and crevices around windows and doors to protect against the infestation of pests. If you have any suspicions about bed bugs, make sure to seek professional bed bug treatment to get rid of bugs completely. 

4. Basements and Attics:

Dark and untidy areas as basements and attics are effectively preferred by these pests for them to hide in. These dim and cluttered areas include rodents and spiders as pests. Regularly declutter and get rid of spot hiding places for pests to thrive. The first step should be sealing any holes or openings present on walls, floors, and foundations that may harbour bugs. Approach the professional pest removal service for the complete inspection and treatment of the infested areas where you think that pest infestation has taken place.

5. Exterior Walls and Foundations:

Amongst other pests like termites and ants, it can be easy for them to enter your home through crevices and joints in the outer walls and the foundations. In our exterior home inspection look for any gaps, holes, or cracks. Seal up the gap by caulking and weatherstripping. Make sure you keep the vegetation situated quite far from the foundations itself to avoid having pests find ways to draw close to your home. Being done effectively with pest control, you should hire professionals, like Positive Pest Solutions for instance. 

6. Roof and Gutters:

Trash that accumulated in the gutters and garden cats on the roof can create desirable grounds for insects and birds such as mosquitos, ants, and birds. Remove gutter dirt to avoid water accumulation and the collection of debris. Branches that are overhanging the roof should be cut off so that they don’t become hideouts of pests trying to enter your house. Perform inspection of the roof and look for any damages or any kinds of pest access. You need to contact a pest removal agency once you notice any indicators of pests in the roof or gutter system.

Make sure that you take care of these six aspects of your home and using prevention techniques you will be able to live in a pest-free environment any season of the year. Contact pest control services without hesitation, should the pests prove absolutely impossible to control. Whether you will be in the city of Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, or Canberra, expert pest controllers near me can offer customised solutions to ensure that your individual pests have problems.



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