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How to remove possum from roof | 8 easy steps


The possum is a very interesting animal, one which adapts greatly to its environment and whose behavior patterns are quite strange. But when those night-time visitors opt to make your roof their home, then things get less cute. In this guide, we will go over eight humane ways to get possums down from your roof without harming these furry neighbors.

Step 1: Identify the Possums

Before taking any step, it is important to be sure that possums really are the inhabitants of your roof. Possums are night creatures, and you will sometimes hear them scratching or thumping. Also look for giving away signs such as droppings, fur or gnaw marks.

Step 2: Assess Local Regulations

Take the time to find out about local regulations concerning possums before removing any. Possums are protected wildlife in many places, and interference may require a permit. To determine if you are in compliance with the law, check with your local wildlife agency.

Step 3: Seal Entry Points

Small openings or gaps are often the entry point for possums like rodents,mice & rats,insects etc. Inspect your roof carefully, and then use things like wire mesh to seal off any possible access points. Seal all existing holes so that possums cannot re-enter.

Step 4: Install a One-Way Door

To entice the possums into leaving on their own, set a one-way door at the big entrance. This helps them to leave the roof, but not return. One-way doors can be bought at wildlife control shops or constructed with materials like wire mesh.

Step 5: Provide Alternative Shelter

Ensure possums have a comfortable, safe environment away from your roof. In nearby trees, install nesting boxes and provide attractive alternatives. Add soft bedding into the boxes to entice them naturally.

Step 6: Use Deterrents

Some smells and tastes are sensitive to possums. Around entry points, apply natural deterrents like a garlic-chilli pepper spray. These smells are offensive to possums but don’t harm them. Use the deterrent regularly until the possums decide to move on.

Step 7: Illuminate the Area

Possums like dark, quiet places so light up the environment around your roof. Put in motion-activated lights to deter them from staying. The sudden brightness might prevent it from looking as attractive, and the possums could find somewhere else to live.

Step 8: Seek Professional Help

If your efforts are not fruitful, you can think about calling in a pest control professional. These experts possess the necessary knowledge and experience to remove possums ethically without breaking any regulations. They may employ humane traps and methods of relocation aimed at the well-being of possums.


You can humanely and thoughtfully get rid of possums from your roof. Once you have identified they are there, then by following local regulations, sealing entry points and providing alternative shelter it is possible to live peaceably with these intriguing insects. It is precisely for the well-being of wildlife–if you are unsure, seek professional help. If you’re willing to be patient and kind, then your roof can remain possum-free without robbing these nocturnal neighbors of their lives.