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How to get rid of flying termites? | 10 Ways


Finding flying termites in your house or nearby can be worrying. These flying invaders, also known as termites with wings, can cause big problems on wooden things and show a possible termite problem. In this all-around guide, we will look at 10 good ways to get rid of flying termites. Termite treatment is important to protect your house with flying termites and keep your home termite-free. Here are some ways through which you can get rid of flying termites.

Early Detection and Identification:

  • Understanding signs of flying termites is important for good control. Check window sills, light fixtures and other places often for old termite wings. 
  • This is the main sign of their presence. Finding termites early means quick action, stopping them from growing colonies. It’s important to know the difference between termites and ants that fly so you can judge the situation correctly.
  • Termites have straight antennas, one neck size and equal-sized wings. On the other hand, ants have curved antennae, a throat that changes in width and they also have different sized wings.

Beneficial Nematodes:

  • Put helpful worms in the ground around your house to naturally stop termites without help. These tiny bugs eat termites and help with a good way to control pests in an eco-friendly manner.
  • Good worms are a green way to fight the problem. They aim at where the bugs come from. They not only cut down the current group of termites, but also break up their baby-making process. 
  • This stops future generations from growing. Nematodes look for termite larvae, young ones and worker termites in the dirt. This is a good way to control them without hurting other helpful creatures.

Neem Oil Application:

  • Use neem oil, a bug killer that comes from nature, to break the termite life process. Make a mix of neem oil and water. Put it on areas where pests are, especially wooden things that can get bugs like termites inside them.
  • Neem oil doesn’t just kill termites we have now, but it also stops more from coming in the future. Its friendly nature to the environment makes it a top choice for people who own homes. 
  • They want less harm on earth and also take care of bugs problems like termites well. Neem oil interferes with termites’ hormonal balance, causing them to die. Also, it makes a shield on treated areas which stops termites from coming back.

Boric Acid Treatment:

  • Use boric acid, a strong killer for termites, to deal directly with termite problems. Make a solution with boric acid and water, then use it carefully to get rid of termites and stop them coming back.
  • Boric acid is good for getting rid of different bugs. It’s also safe to use around people and pets. When termites touch boric acid, it messes with how they eat and process food. This causes them to die eventually.
  • Boric acid is very helpful for getting at termite colonies in tough spots like empty walls and small areas under the house, where termites often make their homes.

Beneficial Plants as Repellents:

  • Plant things like vetiver grass and marigold near your house to keep termites away. These plants release substances that work as natural repellents, making it less likely for flying termites to start colonies.
  • A good garden plan can help keep termites away. Vetiver grass is special because it stops termites. So, adding this plant to your garden plan can be very helpful and important. Marigolds produce a thing called alpha-terthienyl. 
  • This has been shown to keep termites away. Putting these plants all around your house can make a natural and good-looking shield against flying bugs that bite wood.

Eliminate Moisture Sources:

  • Fixing wetness problems is very important to stop flying termites. Fix holes quickly, make sure water flows out right ways and use machines to keep things dry. This is important because termites like wet places only.
  • By getting rid of places where water collects, you make it hard for termites to grow well. Also, good airflow in crawl spaces and attics can help a lot to lower the chances of termites living there. This is because these areas often have lots of extra moisture collected. Good airflow keeps humidity levels right, making it hard for termites to make homes in your house.

Seal Entry Points:

  • Stop termites from getting into your house by closing up holes, openings and spaces in the ground floor and walls. This action helps prevent bugs from living inside and stops termites getting in.
  • Protect your house from termites by taking care of it and fixing any weak spots. This is very important to keep them away. Check your house outside often and fix any possible ways in fast to make it harder for flying termites.
  • Closing doors and windows stops termites from coming in, but it also helps save energy by stopping cold air leaks.

Regular Inspections:

  • Regularly check your house inside and out for signs of termites to catch them early. Watch out for dark, wet spots and wooden things because that’s where termites like to live.
  • Regular checks help owners see and fix termite problems before they get worse. Make a plan for checking termites, especially during times when they are more active. This will help to stop possible infestations before they happen. Search for mud tubes, termite poop (frass), and any damage to buildings. If signs of termites are found, act quickly right away.


Use Termite Baits:

  • Set up termite traps around your home to bring in and get rid of groups of termites. Check and change the baits often to keep flying termites under control.
  • Termite baits give a good way to stop them, making the termites leave your home and break their population growth. When put in the right spot, termite baits can stop termites before they reach your home’s walls. This gives a good and focused way to manage these pests.
  • The bait boxes have a poison that works slowly. When termites eat it and share it with the rest of their group, they all start to disappear one by one over time.

Professional Termite Control Services:

  • For bad bug problems that keep coming back, ask for help from experts who deal with pests. Experts can do a good check and give special help to get rid of termite colonies properly.
  • Natural home cures work well for small bug problems, but professional help is needed to fix bigger termite troubles. Experts in dealing with pests have special tools, ways to treat and know-how. They help homeowners feel safe for a long time from tough termite troubles.
  • Professional services to get rid of termites might use a liquid that kills them, filling the area with gas or heat treatment. They decide which one is best based on how bad and wide-spread the infestation is.

Why Choose PestControlXpert?

Cutting-edge Technology:

  • PestControlXpert stays ahead by using the latest technology for finding and treating termites.
  • We use the best tools and machines to find termite nests. This lets us be very accurate while also protecting our environment as much as we can.

Tailored Treatment Plans:

  • PestControlXpert knows all termite problems are different and sees the need for customized answers.
  • We make special treatment plans for your property. These are based on the specific features of it and what termites do there. This helps solve problems that may be caused by them better!

Transparent and Customer-Centric Approach:

  • At PestControlXpert, transparency is paramount.
  • We always make sure to let you know at every step, starting from figuring out the problem till treatment. This approach makes our customers very happy and they trust us more.

Eco-Friendly Solutions:

  • The mission of PestControlXpert includes being responsible for the environment.
  • Our commitment to eco-friendly solutions ensures that termite control measures not only protect your home but also contribute to a sustainable and healthy environment.



In the end, we need to fight against flying termites using solutions that mix natural treatments with active steps. By using the 10 good ideas in this guide, you can take control and protect your home from termites. Starting with finding and knowing about flying termites, using friend helper tiny bugs called helpful nematodes or plant oil from neem helps fight them down completely. Each part is really important to manage these pests well.Moreover, PestControlXpert is the best partner for this job. They have advanced technology and custom treatments plans. They are open with their customers and care about doing good things for our environment. Our knowledge makes sure your house stays free of termites, protected from these flying pests. Pick PestControlXpert for a good and long-lasting way to handle pests. Enjoy the peace of knowing your home will stay bug-free.